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Below is a collection of astronomical side activities, I sporadically undertake at CBA Belgium Observatory.

Images of Comet 2002 C1 Ikeya-Zhang dd. March 02 & 18, 2002 
Comet 51P/Harrington splits in December 2001
Images of Comet 2000 WM1 Linear on November 9 and November 22, 2001 
On 2001, July 4th and 12th, we imaged Comet C/2001 A2 LINEAR.  See our composite, false color and 3D images.

Planets, Transits and Minor Planets
Close approach of NEO 2004 XP14 on Jul 3, 2006
The unique Venus transit of June 8, 2004 - our observations.
Webcam images made in August & September 2003 of the planet Mars 
The Mercury transit of May 7, 2003 
Occulation of SAO 134182 by minor planet (663) Gerlinde on 2003, Feb 13 : negative report  
Lunar occultation of Saturn on 2001, November 3rd
In May 2001, we closely monitored the rare flyby of minor planet 1999 KW4.

The total lunar eclipse of Mar 03, 2007
The spectacular Total Solar Eclipse at Side, Turkey on Mar 29, 2006
The partial solar eclipse of October 3, 2005     
The partial solar eclipse of May 31, 2003
The total lunar eclipse of May 16, 2003

Beautiful display of noctilucent clouds on 14 July 2006 
Journey to Kitt Peak National Observatory and SAS/CBA 2006 Meeting in May 2006
Beautiful noctilucent clouds on 14 & 20 June 2005 
Noctilucent clouds over CBA Belgium Observatory (July 07/08, 2004)
Our Nov 2003 observations of GSC 3693:1720, a new Delta Sct (or Beta Cep) type variable near UV Per  
Our March 30, 2003 observation of the bright Gamma-Ray Burster GRB 030329
J002E3 : an Apollo 12 leftover Saturn-IVB stage, observed in September 2002
Review of the AIP4WIN software package (photometry) 

Image Gallery

A small selection of my traditional & CCD photographs, and old pencil drawings.



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