Solving PayPal payment problems

Some Peranso customers have reported problems in using the PayPal "Buy Now" buttons on our registration page, and were not able to conclude the payment procedure. Most often, they encounter a PayPal screen similar to the one below, with a message "Click here to retry".

This issue can be resolved by temporary enabling cookies in your Internet browser. For Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer, perform the following steps. For other browsers, click here.

Internet Explorer 6.x / 7.x

1. From the Internet Explorer Tools menu, click Internet Options 

2. From the Internet Options dialog box, select the Privacy tab

3. Write down the slider value. This is the current "Privacy setting" value (e.g., 'Medium')

4. Move the slider to the bottom ("Accept All Cookies" value) and click the OK button

             Internet Explorer 6.x                                                    Internet Explorer 7.x

5. Go back to the Peranso registration page and press the Buy Now button again. You should now be able to conclude the payment procedure.

6. Upon completion, rerun steps 1 and 2 above and move the slider back to the "Privacy setting" value that you had written down. Click OK button.



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