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Peranso 2.51 for Windows

The following files are available for downloading :

bullet Peranso 2.51 full bundle
This is the full Peranso bundle with all software, online help, tutorial files. User Manual is not included. Size: ~8.0 Mb. Click here to download.
bullet Peranso 2.51 software only
Not available at this moment. Select "full bundle" instead.
bullet Peranso 2.00 User Manual
User Manual (PDF format). Size: ~2.5 Mb. Click here to download.

If you have troubles downloading, installing or running Peranso, then first read the section below on "Peranso and virus scanners".


Peranso is shareware. You can use the software - in trial version - for a limited period of time (14 days) for free. The trial version is fully functional, but shuts down 10 minutes after startup (during the 14 days trial period). 
If you like the trial version, you are invited to register it. This will remove the 10 minutes limitation, and entitles you to receive free minor updates of the software. 

Upgrading from Peranso 2.xx to Peranso 2.51

If you are a registered Peranso 2.xx user, and you want to upgrade to Peranso 2.51, then select "Peranso 2.51 full bundle" above. This reinstalls all needed Peranso components.
You don't have to apply for a new registration key after upgrading. Your existing key remains operational.

Peranso and virus scanners

Peranso is extensively checked against virusses before every official release on this website. Some virus scanners nevertheless sometimes report the presence of a virus in Peranso. This may happen during downloading, installing or running the Peranso software.

This is a so called "false positive" detection, also known as a false alarm. It occurs when an antivirus program detects a known virus string in an uninfected file. The file, while not infected with an actual virus, does contain a string of characters that matches a string from an actual virus.

The only solution to this problem is to add the Peranso installation folder (typically: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Peranso") to the exception list of your virus scanner. You will then be able to properly download, install and run Peranso. Check your virus scanner documentation for information on how to create an exception, or contact us.

Virus scanners known to produce "false positives" of Peranso include a/o: Avast, Avira, G-Data, F-Secure. Contact us if your virus scanner reports a problem with Peranso and is not included in the afore list.

Technical Support

CBABelgium.com provides support to registered Peranso users at Peranso@cbabelgium.com


Important Notice 

All CBABelgium.com deliverables are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, express or implied. CBABelgium.com makes no warranty as to the adequacy of this software or its documentation to produce a desired result. In no event shall CBABelgium.com or the authors of this software or its documentation be liable to you for any direct, indirect, special
consequential damages, loss of data, or loss of profits that arise from use of this software or its documentation. In no circumstance shall the liability of CBABelgium.com exceed the purchase price of this software.

By downloading any software or documentation from this page, you acknowledge and agree to the terms above.

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